Children interacting with an educational Android app
A collection of educational Android apps teaches children basic literacy and numeracy in a fun and engaging way.

In order to achieve our purpose of providing disadvantaged children with access to quality basic education, the Community focuses on three main activities:

1. Content
2. Engineering
3. Distribution

Allocation of Donated Funds


When you donate, you can tell us where you would like us to allocate your funds. You can also tell us which language you want us to prioritize when we add more educational content.

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Donate Cryptocurrency

To donate, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure to enable Web3 in your browser
  2. Go to the Community's Finance App and press "Connect account"
  3. Then press "New transfer"
  4. Let us know where to allocate your funds by typing any of these values into the "Reference" field:
    • #content #engineering #distribution
  5. Finally, press "Submit deposit". Then sign the transaction, and verify that your donation appears in the list above.
  6. Thank you! 😀
Global Learning Crisis 🌍

Worldwide, 64 million children of primary school age (about 6 to 11 years) are still out of school.

The number of children who are excluded from education fell steadily in the decade following 2000, but UNESCO statistics show that this progress essentially stopped in recent years:

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